What is Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)?

The QAA-HEC carries out the Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) of all Universities in accordance with the HEC IPE Manual.

The process starts with preparation of the University Portfolio Report (UPR) comprising information/data about the Eleven (11) Standards. The UPR after completion and review is submitted to the QAA-HEC that forms the Review Panel (RP) comprising senior academicians and QEC/QAA personnel.

The Review Panel (RP) visits the University for 3 days in accordance with a prescribed schedule. The RP reviews the documents, visits the facilities including library, classrooms, labs, etc., and holds interactions with Students, Faculty and Deans/Chairpersons/HODs. The report is submitted to the University after HEC approval. The QEC prepares the Action Plan in consultation with the respective departments and carries out follow-up actions. In absence of the QAA-HEC Visit, the University can carry out the same process as Self-IPE.