Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)

Self Review Panel:
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmad Qazi
Dean (ECE)
Prof. Dr. Razak Mahar
Director QEC, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur
External Member
Prof. Dr. Asad-ur-Rehman
Chairman Civil Department
Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal
Chairman I&M Department
Dr. Muhammad Wasif
Deputy Director QEC – II
What is IPE

The QAA-HEC carries out the Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) of all Universities in accordance with the HEC IPE Manual.

The process starts with preparation of the University Portfolio Report (UPR) comprising information/data about the Eleven (11) Standards. The UPR after completion and review is submitted to the QAA-HEC that forms the Review Panel (RP) comprising senior academicians and QEC/QAA personnel.

The Review Panel (RP) visits the University for 3 days in accordance with a prescribed schedule. The RP reviews the documents, visits the facilities including library, classrooms, labs, etc., and holds interactions with Students, Faculty and Deans/Chairpersons/HODs. The report is submitted to the University after HEC approval. The QEC prepares the Action Plan in consultation with the respective departments and carries out follow-up actions. In absence of the QAA-HEC Visit, the University can carry out the same process as Self-IPE.

First Self-Review of IPE in March-2019

NED University of Engineering & Technology conducted its Self-Review of
(a) Institutional Performance Evaluation and
(b) Review of Masters and PhD Prgrams
on 18th & 19th March, 2019 respectively. Prof. Dr. Razak Mahar, Director QEC / Chairman Department of Botany, Shah Abdul Latif University was invited as an external member in Review Panel (RP).

The activities started with a welcome meeting with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail, Pro-Vice Chancellor. In commencement of the session on 18th March 2019, Dr. Muhammad Aslam Bhuto, Ag. Director QEC welcomed and thanked distinguished panelists especially the external member. Thereafter, Dr. Muhammad Wasif briefed the presentation and explained in detail about the University activities for preparation of the University Portfolio Report (UPR) and showed the relevant data of the University. The purpose of this self-assessment was to review the University Portfolio Report (UPR) of the University and measure the compliance level with the IPE Manual of the HEC.

The Review Panels of both activities reviewed the available data/ documents and visited the selected facilities like Library, classrooms, laboratories, sports complex, hostels and IT infrastructure. The panel also interacted with the principal officers, Chairs, Deans, HoDs, faculty and students. Prof. Dr. Razak Mahar appreciated the efforts of the NED-QEC towards assurance of quality education through institutional performance evaluation.

Finally, the Review Panels had an exit meeting with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail, Pro-Vice Chancellor and communicated in brief their observations and recommendations. The Pro-Vice Chancellor thanked and appreciated the panel’s efforts in helping the University towards quality improvement. He also assured to take all necessary corrective actions once the formal reports are received.

IPE Panel
HEC Review Panel:
Dr. Gul Hasan
Director QEC, University of Turbat
Dr. Riaz Ahmad
Director QEC, NUST
Dr. Sahar Noor
Director QEC, UET Peshawar
Dr. Amer Aziz
Director QEC, UET Lahore
Mr. Agha M. Raza
Deputy Director QAA-HEC

First IPE Visit QAA-HEC in February-2018

The Review Panelists from the Quality Assurance Agency of the Higher Education Commission (QAA-HEC) visited NED University of Engineering & Technology to conduct Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) from 21st – 23rd February, 2018.

The opening meeting was headed by Dr. Sarosh H. Lodi, Vice Chancellor, NED University of Engineering and Technology. Apart from the review panel of QAA-HEC, the meeting was attended by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, all Deans of Faculties, Director QEC and three Deputy Directors of QEC. During the opening meeting, a comprehensive presentation was delivered by Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Deputy Director covering the University’s governance system, academic programmes and activities and important parameters related to academic and research. The Vice Chancellor assured the full cooperation and support for smooth conduct of IPE process. In the end, the Vice Chancellor honored the distinguished guests with the traditional Ajrak and Topi.

During their three days of evaluation, the review team thoroughly assessed the University Portfolio Report (UPR-2018) and verified all the related evidences. The review team also visited different facilities in the university including Engr. Abul Kalam Library, various class rooms and laboratories, sports facilities, Directorate of Industrial Liaison, Examination Department and Department of Students Affairs. In addition, the state-of-the-art facilities such as K-Electric and Virtual Reality Laboratories were visited in the Departments of Electrical and Civil Engineering, respectively. During the review process, the QAA-HEC review panel also interacted with the students, faculty and Heads of various teaching and non-teaching departments.

The IPE process was concluded with the closing meeting headed by the Vice Chancellor. The convener of the review panel, Dr. Gul Hasan thanked the Vice Chancellor and his team for the hospitality and facilitation during IPE process. He showed his satisfaction and appreciated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor towards enhanced quality standards at NED University. He also suggested few areas of attention for future improvements. The Vice Chancellor appreciated the deep involvement of the review team for their suggestions and assured positive considerations.

IPE Panel
QAA-HEC visit.jpg