What is NOC / Review of Master’s and PhD Programs

The NOC from the HEC is required for each of the Master’s and PhD Programs started after November 2013 onwards. In accordance with the available QAA-HEC Guidelines, the application for the NOC is initiated by the concerned department offering the program after its approval from the Academic Council/Syndicate through the Registrar in consultation with the QEC. The NOC is issued by the QAA-HEC after completion of all formalities and compliance to the observations by the HEC Experts if any.

The QAA-HEC carries out the Review of all Master’s and PhD Programs offered by the University. The Visit Panel is formed by the QAA-HEC that reviews the documents, visits the facilities and holds interactions with Students, Faculty and Deans/Chairpersons/HODs. The report is submitted to the University after HEC approval. The QEC prepares the Action Plan in consultation with the respective departments and carries out follow-up actions. In absence of the QAA-HEC Review, the University can carry out the same process as Self-Review

Self-Review of Master & PhD Programs 2022

Self-Review of Master & PhD Programs 2021

Self-Review of Master & PhD Programs 2020

Self-Review of Master & PhD Programs 2019

QAA-HEC Review of Master & PhD Programs 2018