Yearly Progress Report (YPR)

  • The HEC asks QEC of the University for submission of the data every financial year with deadline.
  • Under the guidance and supervision of DMR-II, AR (Stats) starts collecting required data from concerned departments within given time-frame.
  • Collected data then sort-out and compiles in the prescribed format and submitted to DMR-II for review and finalization.
  • Finalized data based upon all collected information and evidences submitted to Director-QEC for endorsement and approval from Vice Chancellor.
  • Director-QEC submits the reviewed data and evidences to Vice Chancellor for approval.
  • Approved data along with all evidences / annexures send to HEC.

Assessment of the QEC by the QAA-HEC

  • The progress of the QEC is assessed by the QAA-HEC through a weighted criteria specified and updated from the time to time.
  • The QEC carries out the necessary activities and submit reports of compliance with evidences to the QAA-HEC as and when required.
  • The QAA-HEC reviews the submitted report and evidences, calculates weighted score out of 100 and intimates to the VC and Dir QEC.