Control of Documents and Records related to QMS:

  • All QMS documents i.e. Quality Plan (QP), Quality System Manual (QSM), Quality System Procedures (QSPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/ Job Descriptions (JDs) are prepared, properly reviewed and approved prior to issue and are available at the appropriate locations in accordance with provisions of the “QSP#1 for Control of Records and Documents” as follows. The changes if any there-in are also properly authorized and clearly indicated.
  • Similarly, all records related to the QMS are properly filed, indexed, stored, retained and disposed.
  • The Document Master List is prepared by the DMR/DD QEC and approved by the MR/Dir QEC and updated on quarterly basis before issue to all concerned teaching and non-teaching departments.
  • The Master List of Records indicating the revision no. and retention time of each prescribed record is prepared and maintained by each department separately.
  • The Document Distribution Sheet is prepared and maintained by the QMC/QEC for all QMS documents to ensure traceability. The same list is revised accordingly.


Sr. No. Types of Documents Prepared by Reviewed by Approved by

Quality System Manuals (QSMs)

QSM is a top-level policy document outlining the structure and general principles of the quality system. It includes:

  • The scope of the QMS, including details of and justification for any exclusion.
  • Reference to Departmental Procedures or related documentation.
  • The description of sequences and interactions of processes included in the QMS.


Deputy Director-QEC

Pro-Vice Chancellor Vice-Chancellor

Quality System Procedures (QSPs)

QSPs are second level quality system documents, containing detailed descriptions of how quality system requirements, as specified by ISO 9001:2015 standard, have been addressed and implemented in various functions of the University.

The QSPs serve as an operational guide for all concerned departmental staff to ensure operations being carried out in a controlled and systematic manner according to quality system requirements.


Deputy Director-QEC

Pro-Vice Chancellor



Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are third level quality system documents, which contain instructions for individuals to perform routine tasks or specific functions.

The SOPs are then distributed and, where required, displayed at related workplaces to ensure that the activities are performed according to standard instructions.

Chairman / HoD    Director-QEC Deputy Director-QEC Vice-Chancellor

Quality Plans (QPs)

The Quality Plan is also a third level service-specific quality system document that describes all the key operations or processes to be carried out during the service or realization of any service and specifies what quality requirements are to be met to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Chairman / HoD


Deputy Director-QEC

5. Job Descriptions Chairman / HoD


Deputy Director-QEC